Askim Skyet 1

Welcome to Askim - the power, culture and regional center

Askim is the regional center of the 10 municipalities inland in Østfold (18 total). One of the smallest geographically (68,9 sq. kilometres), but the largest with its over 15 000 inhabitants.

Askim is located in the exact middle of Østfold, not far from cities and towns like Oslo, Ski, Moss, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg and Halden. Askim is therefore quite central with both rail and the main highway E18 running through the municipality. We also have three waterdriven power-stations producing an abundance of electricity.

We have the regional cultural center (Askim Kulturhus), and one of the largest and popular swimming complexes in Norway (Østfoldbadet). You can also experience mine tours in Romsåsen and Askims historical museum.

Askim has traditionally been a municipality characterised by primary industries, in which farming and forestry have been principal employers. However, these primary industries are gradually employing fewer people, and it has gradually developed into a center for refined production and commerce.

Askim has some big corner-stone companies like Glava (insulation related products) and Gresvig (sports-wear and equipment) The employment rate has been stable. Recent years the unemployment rate has been very low. However, the percentage of people commuting has been high, with the majority of commuting undertaken towards the Follo- and Oslo-region.

Askim participates in several co-operative arrangements in the region.